Commercial License Of Andrea Rossi E-cat Discussed

With the growing interest regarding the fast-approaching production and sales of the controversial Andrea Rossi E-cat, people start to discuss about the technology’s commercial license policy. It can be recalled that Italian inventor Rossi has always been very clear with his intention to make an industry surrounding his breakthrough discovery. Following the success of the October … Read more

Andrea Rossi E-Cat Can Be Explained By Nanomagnetism

Good news for Andrea Rossi E-Cat! Brian Wang got hold of the press release for the Flash Summit 2011, which is to take place in New York on December 7, 2011. Mr. Wang has been communicating with Professor Brian Ahern, a leading research scientist in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactor or LENR. Professor Ahern … Read more

Uppsala University Eager To Test Andrea Rossi E-Cat

Recently the Director of Department of Physics at the University of Bologna confirmed that they have been contracted by Andrea Rossi to test his reactor in order to validate his measurements. Professor Levi and a team of physicists will start the Andrea Rossi E-Cat experiment in a few weeks. They estimated that by the summer of 2012 … Read more