Members of The 3rd Party Report Commission

The much awaited third party reports regarding the functioning of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat have now been released, with all of the confirmation necessary to bring LENR into the mainstream. The members of the third party team, long kept secret by Mr. Rossi, have also been revealed. These include physicists and scientists from Italy and Sweden. 

From Italy, the participants were:

  • Giuseppe Levi of Bologna University, Bologna, Italy
  • Evelyn Foschi of Bologna, Italy

From Sweden, the participants were, from Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden:

  • Torbjorn Hartman
  • Bo Hoistad
  • Roland Pettersson
  • Lars Tegner

Also from Sweden was former E-Cat skeptic:

  • Hanno Essen of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden

Evelyn Foschi is in the product development department for medical devices at the University of Bologna. Her specialty is X-ray.

Giuseppe Levi is responsible for research in the fields of fundamental and applied physics. He is also a professor of physics, computer science, and electronics at the university.

Uppsala University, where 4 of the Swedish physicists and scientists work, is currently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world.  Uppsala has also produced or employed 8 Nobel laureates, mostly in either physics or chemistry.

The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden educates 33% of Sweden’s engineers.

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