E-cat Up And Running

EcatConstruction3According to Sterling Allan with Pure Energy Systems News, there is now a 1 MW E-Cat power plant in operation. The 1 MW plant has been on preorder basis since last October, since the unnamed military interest approved the test conducted in Italy. However, there has been much speculation as to when the 1 MW unit would be manufactured, where it would be manufactured, and if it would actually work.

According to reports that Mr. Allan has read, the military interest that originally expressed interest and provided financing for the 1 MW plant is now using the power plant. He quotes inventor of the E-Cat, Andrea Rossi, as saying that the first 1 MW plant has been delivered and is running. Rossi also said that the plant was manufactured in the U.S. In addition, Rossi says that they will take what they learn from the working prototype to modify another 1 MW power plant that will be delivered to a European customer this July.

There is also, evidently a 1 MW plant in the U.S., which is reported to be stable at the sustained high temperatures necessary to produce steam for electricity.

The industrial size 1 MW E-Cat power units are priced at $1.5 million USD, which is right on the money according to Rossi’s predictions. This is encouraging that perhaps the home fusion unit will also come in according to his initial estimates at $600-900, with a final cost to be setup when certifications are granted.

Allen also says that, according to his sources, the industrial plants will receive certification within a few weeks. I take it to mean that the industrial plants his sources mention must be the manufacturing plants that produce the E-Cat units.

LENR and cold fusion technologies are being pursued by numerous scientists, physicists, and inventors as the next sources of green energy. There is no radioactive waste associated with the LENR technology.

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