E-cat Followers In The Age Of Depression

The Ecatreport.com, a website that continues to provide latest updates about Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR based technology, has posted a very interesting article that should not be taken lightly. Those who have been following the development of the Italian inventor’s work must have been known the feeling since Rossi introduced his work to the public early last year. Entitled “The Waiting Game”, the article also gave a clear explanation of the etymology of the word “doldrums” that the author used to describe the e-cat followers situation. It stated:

“Ironically enough, according to Wiki, the term comes from “dold”, which means “stupid”, and “-rums”, meaning “tantrum”. This literal translation of the term is quite appropriate for this waiting game. The third party report – the all important third party report – is still secreted away by that infernal third party, as we find ourselves raging against the injustice of the wait. I can imagine ancient sailors getting cabin fever as they ride out their time in the doldrums, in an oppressive climate, inactive, and with no change on the horizon. Their stupid tantrums, while creating a stir onboard the ship, bounce right off of the unyielding sky, producing no energy in the lethargic, inactive trade winds.”

Steven Karels, one of the frequent poster of Rossi’s website Journal of Nuclear Physics, has recently mentioned about this game in his latest comment. He said:

“It seems like little is going on the eCat world…You are waiting for the independent report/evaluation of the eCat by scientists not under your control…This report may never see the light of day…your critics say the eCat is false…(it) will be hard to demonstrate self-sufficiency (in the industrial E-Cat) as it must perform its industrial function…”

The Ecatreport further explained that there’s no new breakthrough made public every day about where the e-cat is now in terms of its development. Hence, the e-cat enthusiasts enter the doldrums. In addition, Karels told Rossi to ignite the people’s mind when it comes to the e-cat in order to avoid boredom. He posted:

“I know you have an industrial plant soon to be functioning but that will be hard to demonstrate self-sufficiency as it must perform its industrial function and, as such, is not ideally suited to scientific investigation. This is not to convince the detractors and critics. They will never change their minds. This is to ignite the world’s imagination. Please consider this.”

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