Andrea Rossi E-Cat Can Be Explained By Nanomagnetism

Good news for Andrea Rossi E-Cat! Brian Wang got hold of the press release for the Flash Summit 2011, which is to take place in New York on December 7, 2011. Mr. Wang has been communicating with Professor Brian Ahern, a leading research scientist in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactor or LENR.

Professor Ahern has reportedly discovered low energy nuclear reaction phenomenon occurring in nanoscale. This is the least investigated and studies characteristics of nanomagnetism. The 2nd Law of Thermal Dynamics provides a brief explanation about this. In 1996, LENR was identified as “Oscillons” with regards to the Chaos Theory. But even until then nobody has clearly understood LENR. According to Professor Ahern, he and his team of scientists discovered that “all materials processed within certain tolerances experience very different vibrational modes than all other aggregates of matter.” LENR phenomenon gives an accurate explanation for the bioenergetics that occurs in all aspects of nature.

Akito Takahashi learned about the nano-magnetism phenomenon from Ahern while he was replicating Yashiaki Arata’s LENR experiment in the early 2009. Takahashi was said to have been successful. In turn, Ahern was funded for over two years to replicate Takahasi’s experiment. He went further to study the work of Piantelli, which is believed to be the reference of Defkalion’s energy products and that of Andrea Rossi E-Cat. Professor Ahern is currently advising George Miley and his team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on their nano-technology research. It is reported that Miley’s team has been successful in their experiments since October.

This scientific phenomenon could most likely negate the assumption that Andrea Rossi E-Cat defies the law of physics; thus provides a strong scientific framework for Rossi’s invention. Ahern made a bold statement by saying: “I believe all LENR is just a new and unanticipated form of nanomagnetism.”

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