Underground Heating From E-Cats?

by admin on February 21, 2013

An interesting proposition has been suggested on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Steven Karels has suggested that, in order to help people who live in northern areas subject to several feet of snow a year, underground steam lines could be installed.

This idea is based on the fact that many municipalities actually melt snow in order to get rid of it. Karels said that, with the last snow storm, he had to shovel 2 feet of snow from his driveway and sidewalks. If he had steam pipes buried under his driveway and sidewalk, he could have turned on his E-Cat to melt the snow. This would also be a great solution for icy conditions in parking lots and parking garages.

Karels pointed out that it would take one 10kW E-Cat to heat a 200 sq.ft. area of driveway or sidewalk.  This might also be helpful in areas such as overpasses and bridges, which ice over in bad weather. Since the E-Cat can be remotely operated, this would be quite useful in road maintenance.

What do you think? Does this sound like an E-Cat application possibility?

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Joaquim Procopio February 21, 2013 at 11:44 pm

I think it is useless and a waste of time to discuss, at this moment, the thousands of applications of LENR. I believe we should concentrate our efforts and interests upon some fundamental questions: Does LENR and related phenomena really can be harnessed to produce clean energy in a reproducible way ? The general public deserves clear answers. This forum can provide some.
What the general public can do in order to accelerate research and stimulate governants to release money to LENR research ? What can be done to wipe off the stigma that contaminates such a wonderful field of Science as is LENR ? There are other measures.
Let us concentrate our efforts in a more objective manner !
When LENR gets real (and I believe it will) we then can dream of its uses …


Klako March 5, 2013 at 4:58 pm


die Möglichkeiten mit dem E-Cat oder Hot E-Cat sind fast grenzenlos.

Wichtig für uns sollte der Abschluß der 10 KW Home Cat Zertifizierung sein, damit die Geräte mal eingebaut werden können.
Ich hoffe es wird nicht 2014 oder 2015 sein !!

Danke und GRuß



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