Third Party or Not The Hot Cat Works

by admin on March 1, 2013

Andrea Rossi and his team have been working feverishly to manufacture the first civilian Hot Cat plant. As they put in untold hours, the rest of us must be content to await the third party report.

With a report promised in November, the third party contacted Mr. Rossi in December and told him they wanted to repeat some of their tests. Then, they notified him that the test results would not be available until the end of February or possibly sometime in March. This has not seemed to deter Mr. Rossi, who has continued to fulfill his obligations, even if the third party is dragging its feet. 

A poster to the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently asked Mr. Rossi about this, quoting Mr. Rossi himself as having said that the commercial issues are not related to the third party results, or the publication of the same. He then asks:

“The only possible meaning is: you (and your Big Partner) already know that it works.  (Science outcomes versus business). Is that it?”

Mr. Rossi’s response was:

“You are right, but I wouldn’t say “science outcomes vs business”, I would say that the two fields must be well distincted.”

To those following the Hot Cat developments, the first 3 words of that response are the most exciting. It means, in Rossi’s typical economics of words, that the Hot Cat does, indeed, work, and that he and his “Big Partner” in the U.S. know it. They don’t seem to be a bit worried.

As for a distinct difference between the scientific world and the business world, that may be a blurred line, at times. The impact of business trends often pressure sponsors that would otherwise invest in experimentation and research in alternative fuels. However, with his latest U.S. partner, Rossi’s sponsorship seems secure. We simply await the results.

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