Safety Certifications And The Third Party

by admin on March 5, 2013

The E-Cat industrial plants have passed their safety certifications. This was accomplished some time ago. Certifications, however, for the domestic units have not been completed. The main problem, as stated before, is that domestic units are not closely supervised by licensed operators, while the commercially used units are supervised. 

There has been some confusion as to whether or not the third party has been for the purpose of safety certification. Many of us have feared that the third party could, somehow, hold up the release of the E-Cat and Hot Cat. However, in response to some questions on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, these questions have been clarified.

Frank Acland asked:

“What is the importance of the 3rd party tests and report to your commercial work?”

Andrea Rossi replied:

“They are not related.”

This is good news, because some have feared that if the third party does not have a favorable report, it might shut down work on the Hot Cat. Given the atmosphere that has existed in the scientific community until recently, there has been much speculation that the third party would be biased and unwilling to admit the success of Rossi’s technology.

In response to further inquiry from Mr. Acland, Mr. Rossi confirmed that the safety certifications for the industrial plants are both secure in the USA and in Europe.

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