Rossi Says The Hot Cat is Still in R&D, Not Open for Investments Yet

by admin on September 14, 2012

Italian inventor Andrea Rossi admitted that he has been receiving various questions from many people who have been following the e-cat story. One of the questions being asked is this: “Is it possible to invest in the Hot Cat?” Rossi made a straightforward answer:

“No, it is not. Because the reactor for high temperatures is not ready, is not as product, is a prototype subject to research and development and I want not to put anybody at risk before the Hot Cat is not yet a product. Of course, I believe in it. I am investing my money in it, but I want not to play football with the bones of the others.

Speaking of investment, NyTeknik reported:

“Investor Group had instructed the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, to monitor the measurement, and the researchers who attended measuring an input electrical power that was two to three times higher than Rossi himself measured. The measurement used the SP called True RMS instruments.”

There are no other updates about the news surrounding other investments. Hopefully, we will be able to get further details about the development of this information. Various e-cat related websites are waiting for more updates about the recently concluded 2-day Zurich Convention from the attendees.

On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi said that his high temperature e-cat or the Hot Cat requires further testing necessary to be certain that they get positive results in preparation for additional e-cat certifications. Moreover, the results will be published in the final e-cat report, which will be published by a scientific magazine. At this point, according to Rossi, they will have no more prototype, but a certified product and the measurements will be made directly in operation by the customers.

In the recently concluded Zurich Conference last weekend, Rossi presented his e-cat technology and received positive response from the attendees. In the conference, Rossi presented the e-cat journal that showed initial review behind the e-cat operations. The report also provided an official report on e-cat measurement data. As a matter of fact, one of the attendees, another physicist, admitted that he is now convinced of Rossi’s nickel-hydrogen reactor.

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James September 15, 2012 at 1:31 am

More hot air and no beta site. Just more B.S.


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