No Word Yet About Third Party E-cat Report

by admin on February 7, 2013

Many e-cat followers believe that this year is the year for the e-cat, an LENR based technology developed by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi. In addition, February is supposed to be an exciting month for the new and controversial invention of Rossi because of the much anticipated third party e-cat report. However, it seems to appear that the waiting game continues as there is still no word yet about the publication of the report. There is also no update regarding the peer reviews which Rossi previously stated are supposed to be done. On his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi continues to provide information about other news related to his work.

At the moment, Rossi and his new US partner are busy working on how to further develop the first high temperature e-cat. They also are looking forward to build the first hot cat factory. Speaking of e-cat factories, Rossi said that works are getting more intense. This tells us that something very important has been developed concerning the progress of the e-cat units. When JONP poster Luca Salvarani asked if he still considers February-March with the upcoming report and the plant delivery, as the definitive breakthrough for his technology, Rossi’s reply was an optimistic and confident yes. Salvarani also praised Rossi and his invention saying:

“It seems to me that in these very weeks you are making history! So hold on and never give up, NEVER! With all my heart I wish you good work and good luck! Considering what’s going on in our country in these very days, I can only think that no one deserves it more than you! All your honest work, all your efforts and determination have to be rewarded!”

Rossi thanked the e-cat follower for his kind lines. The inventor also revealed that electricity is currently the main focus of him and his team. The Ecatreport website, one of the websites that follow the development of the e-cat device, also featured this similar information. When it comes to the electricity generation, the website averred:

“The significant phrase here is “definitive breakthrough”. February should definitely see a definitive breakthrough of Mr. Rossi’s technology. As the new plant goes online and proves its worth, the breakthrough may be more in the lines of crashing through the media blackout. Mr. Rossi has always said that the E-Cat will speak for itself. Soon, we will see.”

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harold coffman February 9, 2013 at 4:51 am

You should be aware … the 3rd party report … might intentionally
be withheld , (a non-event) … never to be released.

That would be the course of ‘least resistance’ for the 3rd party,
but would be negative implication for A. Rossi, even though it
is (independent) out of his control.

A non-report should be ignored … as that could be as significant
as much as a report itself … You could familiarize yourself with
the actual report /data of Rossi’s own copy available in October 2012 on the H’Cat.

The real data is there already.


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