More News On Manufacture of the E-Cat

by admin on February 12, 2013

Frank Acland has been a frequent commenter on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi’s blog. He recently asked Mr. Rossi several questions about the manufacture of the Hot Cats and E-Cats, and Mr. Rossi gave a little more information. He also raised a few more questions with his typically short replies.

For example, Ackand asked Mr. Rossi:

“Are you currently manufacturing the hot-cat reactors in the USA factories?”

Mr. Rossi’s response was, “also.” Recently, he had stated on the JONP that Sweden was involved in the manufacture of the plants, and it would appear that this may be the reactors themselves may be built in both the U.S. and in Sweden. However, the word is not yet official.

Mr. Acland also asked if the U.S. factories are building Hot Cats, and Mr. Rossi said yes. He also told Mr. Acland that the U.S. factories belong to the unnamed U.S. partner that has, apparently, revolutionized Leonardo Corp.’s efforts.

Earlier, Mr. Rossi had said that the R&D plant is being maintained in Italy. Mr. Acland asked:

“Have any of the prototype plants built at your Italian R&D facility been delivered to non-military customers yet?”

Mr. Rossi commented that, no, the plants have not been delivered, yet. And finally, perhaps the biggest confirmation:

“Will the first hot cat plant be installed at a facility belonging to your USA partner – or an external customer?”

Andrea Rossi said that the plant is intended for an external customer. Now, the reason this is a big confirmation is that if the U.S. partner were a government entity, the new plant would be for the government, not an external customer. In fact, if the partner were some other non-commercial organization, the LENR plants would be kept by the partner for its own use. The fact that the plant is for an external customer means that this, truly, will be a commercial enterprise. It may also mean that the U.S. partner won’t secret away this wonderful technology. Mr. Rossi has said that he fully trusts his partner, but even small affirmations are nice.

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billybob February 14, 2013 at 1:22 pm

i’ve been following this for a year or two, always the same bullsh*te. i don’t even check these links any more, except maybe every couple of months.


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