Granted Patents For LENR-Related Works

by admin on October 1, 2012

We have already received two reports regarding patents granted for LENR-related works. This latest achievement has absolutely raised hopes and interest in finding an alternative source of energy through low energy nuclear reactions. For the month of September alone, there were already two patents for different technologies related to LENR.

China has awarded Brillouin Energy a patent for its LENR-based boiler technology, Cold Fusion Now reported.  This kind of development is certainly good news for the company especially to the LENR community. It can be recalled that the US Patent Office rejected the patent application and made the following statement regarding the device in March 2012:

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary claims and substantiation. The finding of lack of utility and enablement may be overcome if an independent committee of peers in the pertinent fields, such as a third peer review by the US Department of Energy, were to conclude that cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions were shown by the basic research continued after the latest review by the US Department of Energy (December 1, 2004: see the report made of record) to be reproducible and thus have utility. Applicant could have his invention tested by such organizations as the Department of Energy or NIST. For lack of utility the test is whether there is preponderance of evidence against utility or not.”

The rejection letter from the US Patent Office was even associated to a longstanding policy not to approve any cold fusion system because of skepticism that it is a viable technology. Interestingly, LENR Researcher George H. Miley has been granted a patent on something called Dislocation Site Formation Techniques from the United States Patent Office. The latest report stated that these involve the loading and unloading hydrogen and core formation.

Many find this decision very interesting and exciting as the US population mostly ignored cold fusion or low energy nuclear reactions. Is this a start of a new beginning for the LENR-related devices that have long been trying to get a patent from the US Patent Office? The development seems to show that the US is changing its mind concerning the technologies related to cold fusion or LENR. It is hoped that the US Patent Office will award more and more LENR-based products in the near future. It is good to know that US Patent Office is finally giving cold fusion and LENR a serious attention this time.

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