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by admin on October 26, 2012

A poster named Jaroslaw Huba recently made a very interesting comment on Andrea Rossi’s blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. He wrote:

”I’m living in Poland and I’m interesting about selling your products here in Poland. Do you have company which will sell e-cat to this market? Currently I’m working at coal mine, but I fill the wind of change. I will be happy to do e-cat business. Please email me your answer. Sorry for my simply English.”

The Italian inventor assured Huba that he wants to help him asked him to contact info@leonardocorp1996.com. Rossi even asked Huba’s complete address. This is good news especially now that commercialization, according to Rossi, will be commercial within 2013.

Speaking of e-cat business, CEO of Prometeon, an e-cat licensee forItaly, Aldo Proia said that the recentPordenonemeeting showed an excellent Hot Cat performance which he described as good for business. The effect was definitely positive and it is good for Rossi and his e-cat based technology. As a matter of fact, Steve Featherstone of Popular Science wrote a very interesting article about the e-cat units. The article was entitled “Andrea Rossi’s Black Box” and will be published in the November 2012 issue of the magazine. The review was generally positive according to Frank Acland of E-cat World. Acland have read the entire article but can neither share nor post the entire write-up due to copyrights policy.

What makes the article more interesting was Featherstone’s statement:

To my astonishment, after three days of asking every cold fusion researcher in the house, I couldn’t find a single person willing to call Rossi a con man. The consensus was that he had something, even though he didn’t understand why it worked, or how to control it. The more I learned, the more confused I became. Could Rossi actually have something real? The only way to know for sure was to go to Italy.

Featherstone conducted an interview after the Cold Fusion conference held this summer at theCollegeofWilliamand Mary inVirginia. Clearly, the opinions of the attendees can attest that Rossi has indeed something real at hand despite the skepticism surrounding cold fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR. It is interesting to note that Featherstone also commented that “the idea that cold fusion may not really be fusion in the way that physics defines the term.” Are we seeing an LENR world in the future powered by the e-cats? Your guess is as good as mine.

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J.W. October 27, 2012 at 11:43 am

It seems that in Poland is a company that has a license from Mr. Rossi.
Please look http://www.ecat-polska.pl (unfortunately only in Polish)
A professionally done website that contains detailed information about the ECAT.
For example, dimensions of 33 cm x 33 cm x 6 cm.
You can already pre-order your ecat.


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