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by admin on May 9, 2013

Sterling Allan of  Pure Energy Systems News and Frank Acland of E-CatWorld recently interviewed Andrea Rossi about the LENR technology he has been perfectingThe interview was hosted by Gary Hendershot with SmartScarecrow. Here is some of the information that Allan shared concerning the interview, which ran an hour and a half.

Sterling Allan asked  Rossi about the picture that was released recently of the Hot Cat. It was glowing white-hot, and caused quite a stir in the E-Cat ranks. Mr. Rossi informed the interviewers that this photo was not to have been released due to NDA. He did offer some explanation about what we were looking at, though. The Hot Cat in the picture had been: 

“..put in a self-loop mode and turned off the regulation. It is not at all intended to be representative of normal operation.”

The purpose of this experiment was to test the Hot Cat to the point of self-destruction. Mr. Rossi said they learned a great deal with this experiment, but that the photo was not supposed to be releases.

When asked about the Hot Cat and the production of electricity, Mr. Rossi told the interviewers that the Hot Cat is very stable at 350 degrees C, and that this is a comfortable temperature for creating electricity. He also affirmed that he is still working with Siemens regarding the generation of electricity. This has been a question on many minds, as about a year ago Mr. Rossi had announced that he was conducting experiments with this company. However, other than the fact that he is, indeed, still working with Siemens, he had no further details to offer to Allan, due to NDA.

Mr. Acland asked the inventor about rumors that he had created electricity directly from a reactor, without a turbine or converter.  Rossi finally admitted that:

“…they had observed some ‘strange phenomenon, found by serendipity – a sensation that we produced direct current.’ But he said: ‘We are far from being at the point to say we have direct production of electricity from this process.’”

In regards to the third party testing, the information gathered by the interviewers pretty much confirmed what we already knew. The testing was conducted in March, which was the conclusion of testing started in August. This final test lasted 120 hours, and the Hot Cat ran for the entire time without interruption. The testers used their own instruments and did all of the cabling. Their identities are still a secret, as are the specifics of their report, which will be released eventually in a peer-reviewed publication.

Rossi also talked about his team. Here is the verbatim report issued by Mr. Allan:

  • 2 specialists working on electronics for the control systems. They have made enormous progress in the last 7-8 months. They also work on any kind of thing connected with electricity.
  • 3 specialists working on thermal technical problems: thermal dynamics, upgrade heat exchange; upgrade the energy density.
  • 2 specialists working on design, both external aesthetics as well as functionality and space utilization for energy density optimization.
  • Team that makes tests of plants, to run plants; to invent new things that improve efficiency.
  • Manufacturing team.
  • Another team working on prototype design in the U.S. (for 1 MW plants)

Andrea Rossi also said that the country of Sweden has a great deal of interest in LENR, “due to their need for heat and their environmental consciousness” and that “They are in process of developing manufacturing capability there as well.”

There was more in the interview, about the “mouse” and robotic assembly lines.


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