Andrea Rossi E-Cat An Important Invention For Toxic Waste Elimination

by admin on February 25, 2012

Thousands of articles, may it be on paper or blogs, have been written about the revolutionary Andrea Rossi E-Cat discussing the advantages it promises to bring in terms of energy cost and consumption. Over a year ago Italian Inventor Andrea Rossi created waves by introducing his hydro fusion device which only require one gram of nickel power in the 20 kilowatt domestic units to run for six months before the nest recharge. The Andrea Rossi device is also called the green energy technology, but would these green claims actually come into effect?

In terms of sustainability, greenhouses no matter how hostile the climate, can grow organic food plants all year at minimal cost and zero waste. Talking about waste, it is easy to ignore giant plastic waste patches in open sea, but the consequences of the same create a horrendous domino effect such as starved birds that die because of the intake of plastic trash, with the Andrea Rossi E-Cat recycling in itself becomes cost effective allowing more recycling to be done which then alleviates our demands for virgin resources and additional plastic production.

The hydro-nickel fusion technology brought to us in the form of the Andrea Rossi E-Cat can be applied in machinery used in big scale agriculture and even public and private transportation by converting and replacing all engines with Andrea Rossi e-cat motors. The use of fossil fuels would be eliminated with maximum output and minimal input allowing natural resources, like Oceans, forests to recover since logging and oil drilling would no longer be necessary to win energy. A good example for this would the displacement of wild Orang-utans who were left homeless after a fire was set to clear the area for a palm oil plantation in Borneo.

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Alex July 18, 2013 at 6:25 pm

When (if) the Ecat is working, the ideal way would be to use existing nuclear power plants by replacing the reactor (to be mothballed) with thousands of Ecats to produce an adequate steam supply. This should dramatically reduce industry conversion costs. Let’s pray LENR does work !


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