A Deadline Promised On 3rd Party Testing

by admin on December 11, 2012

Andrea Rossi recently stated on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, that the third party tests will end on December 16th. This is good news for those of us who have followed the progress of Rossi’s work on the E-Cat and Hot Cat. This alternative form of energy promises to be a very powerful answer to the energy problems of people across the globe.

Many have become impatient, and even lost faith in Rossi’s work, because of the amount of time spend on third-party verification of his work. Rossi was certain that the third party work would be concluded earlier, and that their reports would be published by, at the latest, the end of November.

However, there was a problem with the unit being tested, not discovered until after the test was concluded. The problem was corrected, and the report was put off until the middle of December. Apparently, the third party had more testing to do after the correction. Rossi reported on his blog:

“Now I can say that the third party tests will finish on Dec. 16th. I have been informed of this fact few minutes ago.”

Unfortunately, we also have to wait for peer review, as well, before the test results are made public. Rossi said:

“The tests have been made independently from me. The results will be reported and published. It will take some time to collect the papers and the data and more time for the peer reviewing. My opinion is that the publication will be made not before January, considering the mole of the papers.”

It’s very frustrating to be put off another month, but Rossi has said from the beginning that he has no control over the work of the third party, nor of the release of their reports.

However, the manufacture of the Hot Cat for the customer in February is continuing, and by spring, we should have some eye witnesses to the Hot Cat works.

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Andrew Pelczar March 2, 2013 at 2:34 pm

I belive in Rossi’s achivment. Since 2009 I’ve conducted more as two hundreds experiments working on X-H reactor and some tested materials seem to be very prommising.


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